1994 - 2002

The Electric Division


I was especially fortunate to be able to purchase a 10 car Joe Fisher built heavyweight Empire Builder In 1994 Larry Muir, a close friend and fellow O scaler, passed away.. When I put it on the layout, none of my locomotives could pull it up the steep grade from the holding yard. Thus, the second version was planned. I had purchased four Z-1 electrics at OSW a few years earlier and developed quite an interest in Electrics. Thus the name for this pike was the Electric Division.

In 1995, a rebuilding project was begun with a longer mainline and easier grades. The revised track plan had a 60" minimum radius and a maximum grade of 1-1/2%. Never really satisfied with the track plan revisions, this pike did not actually progress much beyond the benchwork and basic track phase.

In late 2002, after several years of inactivity, I finally scrapped this version. No worthwhile pictures of this pike exist.



So instead here a few pictures along the Hi-line.

In the Summer 2007, we traveled to Minot ND for the GNRHS convention and spent 8 weeks returning home traveling via Glacier Park and Seattle

Three Goats in the Canadian Rockies

Two Medicine Bridge, Mont.

The GN lives in Williston N.D. O-1 #3059 is the only preserved GN mike.

Browning, Mont. We found lots of trains pass this depot daily including Amtrak.

Malta, Mont.

The depot is in the style found further west.

Havre, Mont.

We are not sure if they are late taking down the 2006 Christmas decorations or early with the 2007 ones.




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