May 2008 Visitors


my friend Dave B came for a visit. Here he is seen admiring my new trackwork!

He immediately picked up a soldering iron and went to work.

I don't want to know what he is planning for the switcher.

A Tsunami equipped track tester.

After working on the layout for a bit it was time to run trains.

The problem with drawing the G-1 4-8-0 is the link and pin coupler on the front end poses a challenge when switching the local industries.

Work done, the local leaves town.



July 2007

On the layout, I've continued switching over to DCC, using the Easy DCC system. Two old friends, Dave B and Charlie M, came to town to help install decoders and pass the time. The only problem was our time together passed far too quickly.

I've found imported labor is cheap - Real cheap.

They worked for room and board!

IN anticipation of their arrival I cobbled together an intentionaly crude new burlap building to have another industry to switch. They are both big fans of burlap buildings, Dave in particular.

They especially enjoyed the cargo they delivered to the plant. The fine print reads: Made from only the best ingredients

Brilliant Bovine and sophisticated swine manure used exclusively.


Installing decoders

How many monkeys does it take to install a decoder?

Here I'm being instructed on the proper way to hold a soldering iron - by the point.

Fidalgo was once a neat and organized switching location! After this picture was taken, all this temporary trackage was ripped out. It is being replaced with the permanent arrangement. Switch machines replace the ground throws and the track will soon be painthed and ballasted. The next layout update should include pictures of this town and perhaps even some scenery.


They did a fine job installing a Tsunami in the tight space of a GN E-6 Tenwheeler.

Charlie is working on the tender connections.

The PFM import runs like a jewel. However for taking it apart, the loco was I think, the worst engine I have ever encountered in 50 years of modeling. Dave, seen here, was able to make child's play of putting it back together.

Dave did not ask for assistance but we provided some anyway!


I wish to thank Dave & Charlie for taking the pictures.




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