Seen on The Empire Division

June 2006 photos - construction continues at Cashmere.


Building the ol' pike



In preparation for painting and ballasting, rail braces have been added to the turnouts

and tie plates installed under all foreground handlayed rail.

Close up view of double slip. The throwbar, gage plates and dummy switch machine are still to be added

This code 100 rail on a soon to be weed overgrown siding is ready for paint and cinder ballast.

A Right O Way frog casting has tie plates under it but joint bars still need to be added before paint and ballast .


This crossing started life as an Atlas product and has had Right O Way castings added.

The castings really improves the appearance.


Tomar wheel stops are ready for paint. Thecode 125 joint bar is from Right O Way. For code 100 track Grandt line offers tie plates and joint bars.

Before March 3, 2006


Construction at Cashmere.

The ties are in, sanded and restained. Ready for rails. View is looking West.




Other Views

The engineer of extra 930, stabbed on a siding east of Cashmere, does not have time for all this track foolishness. He has work to be done and wants to be home for dinner.


The caboose of extra 930 waits on a trestle. Unlike the head end crew, the conductor and read brakemen are inside enjoying the view and a cup of coffee.


Meanwhile a freshly serviced P-2 2510, backs in the Puget yard. The big mountain will soon pick up the Oriental Limited and head east.



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