- The Dining Car -
Menus and pictures


Celebrating the new Oriental Limited in1925


New Z-1 electric locomotives in 1927


Children's menu

Glacier National Park


Children's menu


Back side



Washington as delivered in 1924 without air conditioning

British Columbia, built in 1926 and lettered for the Oriental limited. Shown in 1935 after airconditioning was added and relettered for the Builder


Left: Part of the dining car crew prior to the start of the trip.


Below: Scenes of the crew working in the pantry and kitchen.


The dining room ready for the first seating.

In the emptry car, note the floor accessable cellar used to store dry food for the trip.


The "harmonious shades of green" in the 1924 'State' series diners

The dining room on the 1905 Oriental.


1927 menu


1928 Menu



When a large group traveled on GN, it often ran as an extra section. Special group menus were used in the diner. This menu is from the 20's for Elk's trip from Boston to Seattle.


One of four Winold Riess painting used on the Empire Builder in the 30's and 40's

Same picture different trains.

Also used on the Empire Builder in the 30's and 40's.

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