Modifying the Y-1 Electrics


Original Y-1 configuration.

The head light is mounted on the top center with the bell behind it.



In the thirties Y-1's were modified by adding a busbar and moving the bell and headlight.

Intermediate Y-1 configuration.

The Busbar, known to crews as a stinger, has been added to the roof in the former location of the headlight and bell. This device was used to connect the 11,000 volt current between units. The headlight is mounted on top of the MU connector tower, the bell is moved to the left side above the engineer.

This version is correct for my era and I'll modify the Custom Brass import from the original configuration to match this.


Final Y-1 configuration.

the bell is now located below the cab and the units were painted orange and green



Henry Strange//Dave Hickcox Book

This is the correct paint scheme for my era. It is all yellow except for the red field behind the goat and the white numbers on the headlight and the white warning on the busbar. The 5016 is actually in the final configuration. The bell outline is more vi sable below the headlight platform. Now all we have to do is modify the locomotive and then paint it.



Several years ago N.J. Custom Brass imported an O gage model of the Great Northern Y-1 electric. Unfortunately the model was built from plans of the 1929 as delivered locomotive and I model 1941-1947 period.


This is the Y-1 model as imported, except The head light has already been removed.

These are the brass shapes I'm using to create the Bus Bars and a 1/4 inch drawing of a bus bar equipped Y-1. The pictures show the steps involved in creating the bus bars.

A completed and painted Y-1



Painting the Y-1s

I'm painting one Y-1 in the original green and gold. The other two will be painted with dulux yellow lettering with yellow goat on a red field


I also bought a Y-1 painted in the original scheme.

Lettering scheme for the era I'm modeling



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