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December2010 Pictures

The New Depot .
Here's Barry's message that came with the pix "Attached are pictures of my Christmas present. It was a little difficult to get it under the tree, as the station is 7 feet long! It is not finished, as I am waiting on the roofing to put on it, as well as signage and other details yet to be done. I just finished painting it and got it up to the layout to see how it will look and thought I would give you a sneak peek before it's done. Attached also is a picture of when I first started it on November 21st, right before Thanksgiving. It is a total scratch built project, as I made all of the masters and castings for the chimneys, doors and windows.


June 2009 Pictures

There was great joy and celebration as the boys in the paint shop rolled out the largest locomotive that Bogs Locomotive Works has ever built. With excitement in the air, she was fired up to full steam as the paint was drying. The guys pulled the last piece of masking tape off as she started to roll out of the shop. The flagship locomotive will soon be on it's way to the Colorado and Western RR, where it will do battle with the tortuous grades and heavy tonnage carried by the railroad. We wanted you to be the first to see her leave the shop, before the engine gets dirty with the soot and cinders that this beast bestows on everything. The whistle is deep, and the exhaust is loud, as it moves forward to it's next home. Next stop, Colorado and Western RR......


Barry Bogs, Chief Mechanical Officer and broom pusher, Bogs Locomotive Works


Barry's Rio Grande L-131 is big.



From when we visited in April, to this finished masterpiece in less than two months.



May 2008 Pictures


When we visited in April, this monster was on Barry's work bench.

A month later and Barry has finished his Rio Grande L-131. A trip through the paint shop is next.

The level of detailing over the entire model is amazing.

Here the monster is beside C-16 # 278 that Barry also scratch built.

Though not clearly visible in this photo, the cab is fully detailed also.


April 2008 Pictures



Barry, in the distance, appears to be having fun as he hosts a couple of visitors.


Barry at the engine terminal deciding which scratch built locomotive to run next.


The two story entrance to Barry's train room is stunning and photos just do not do it justice. Thanks for a great visit Barry!

A freight has just arrived and is ready for classification.

As this scene attests, Barry's layout is very well detailed.


January 2008 Pictures


The Hi-line is finished. These six pictures show the breath-taking piece of railroading Barry calls the Hi-line that is set high above the entry way to his home.




January 2007 Pictures

Barry Says:

Since I finished the 479, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the many ways the K28 was painted. Of course, I only model the D+RGW, so that is what you will see on my layout. The first engine is the 1950's Bumble Bee paint that D+RGW applied only to the 473. Second is the 479, a 1930's paint job with the green boiler jacket, snow plow, and hose reel on the left side that only a couple of K28's had. Third is the 476, with the later Flying Rio Grande that went on in the late 1940's, and the final engine is the LGB Aster K28 473, that I changed to 478, because I built the Bee engine. I did the pilot model for LGB for this engine well over ten years ago. (Same time I built the 476) Of course there are the paint schemes of the D+S and when most of the engines went to the White Pass during WWII.
When I was at the NG convention last summer, the D+S had a green boiler on the 473 Bee paint, which looked good, because it was a dark green. I thought that the 472, AKA 478 paint the the D+S put on the engine, for the fan trip was a little too bright to me. They also added the same color paint to the cylinders and head light which looked a little strange as well. I guess if it is your engine, you can paint it however you like. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the paint jo bs...... Barry


The roundhouse and main yard.

The hi line loop

The new Pagosa Springs combine is pressed into service.


November 2006


Barry scratch builds his rolling stock, both locos and cars.

The following pictures show the creation of a combine.



Barry's bridge through his entry foyer is quite impressive!

Barry used a 10' ladder to install it



More to be added



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