GN Cabooses

X199  X229  X262  X277  X626  Plywood  Transfer

The first four shown are Overland steel 1945 cabooses that have have trucks, Kadee couplers, and brake rigging.  They were imported unpainted and the paint job is not the finest example of the painters art!  The glazing also needs to be replaced. On most the handrails at the top of the ladders were not well soldered and many need to be renewed. On one, one of the stairs is missing and another has a drip in the paint as marked by an arrow.The lower prices reflect these flaws.  Most need a bit of work and are definately not prestine.  These are sold as is, so take a close look. 


X - 229
X262 Flaw Missing step.
X277 Flaw in paint. Drip on upper part of side.



This custom painted Lambert caboose is the last of six I once owned. They represent the as built version of GN's 25' cabooses.  The differences include curved rails at the top of the ladders, single side windows on the cupola, and less elaborate end railings.  It is a very free rolling model.


Overland Plywood Caboose

(Overland's first model)


GN Transfer