Unpainted P-2 Mountain

GN P-2

By the end of USRA control, GN found itself in need of high-powered passenger locomotive to handle the longer heavier mainline passenger trains.  In anticipation of the completely new all-steel Oriental Limited, Great Northern ordered 28 mountain types from Baldwin that were delivered in 1923. The new 4-8-2s numbers 2500-2527 had 73" drivers, 210# boiler pressure and a tractive effort of 58,580#.  Resplendent with glossy green boilers and new red and white heralds on the tenders, the P-2 class lacked Belpaire boilers, representing a departure from the usual GN design. They quickly became the pride of the Great Northern and remained in premier passenger service till the end of steam.

This WSM model has lots of nice detail and represents the as delivered P-2 class. This relatively hard to find model is smooth runner, thanks to a can motor but a bit noisy. I bought this model new and it has been test run only.

Original box and foam.