Extra Tenders

48' Vanderbilt    F-1 Rectangular      USRA      CNR Vanderbilt

Brass Tenshodo built GN 48' vanderbilt tender. It needs to be stripped and repainted. No oil bunker top, just a load of coal. Trucks roll very freely and is equipped with a Kadee coupler.  This style tender was used on the N-3, some O-8s, S-1s and R class.


This is a Sunset built tender. Imported with their GN F-1 consolidation. Besides The F-1 class, it could be used behind any small GN power such as a B, D, E, or G class.


Akane USRA tender with 4 wheel trucks and water scoop.


CNR Vanderbilt tender

Put this behind the CNR U-1d and you will have a U-1e, the locomotive Lawrence Stuckey once termed the most beautiful steam engine in Canada.  Can also be used on several other clsses of CNR power.