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Oriental Limited Train

I collected this set of 8 kits over 40 years ago, but never got around to building them before switching to O scale. The cars kits themselves are all correct GN models. The consist is correct for the O/L, except the collection lacks a 10-1-2 sleeper and has an extra 950 series coach (6679).  All have plastic roofs, super details and Walthers Oriental Limited decals, but lack trucks and couplers. A correct Tomar Oriental Limited drumhead is also included.

6628 70' RPO/Bag;              '52-71' series

6677 GN 2nd Coach ;           '650' series

6679 GN F/C coach ;            '950' series

6679 GN FC coach; ;            '950' series

6665 G.N. Diner;                  'State' series

6602 12-1 Pullman;              Named for GN towns or cities

6607 16s Pullman;               Various names/numbers

6662 G.N. Observation        'Great' series


8 Car  set- very limited production run in the 70's-all car sides painted, have plastic roofs, and a Tomar drum head is included but lack trucks, and couplers. The sides are lettered for Pullman or NYC.  A decal set is included so you can pick your own name. I am offering only the Kits. As the photo below shows, these kits build into very nice cars.

Club - Baggage           'Van' Series

Seven Drawing Room   'Willow' series; 

36 seat dining car       '380-384' series; 

Fourteen section         'Star' series; 

10-1-2 Pullman            'Lake' series; 

13 Double Bedroom     'House or Mansion' series;

8-1-2 Pullman              'Cent---' Series; 

Observation-Lounge    'Central' Series.

    Example of kits when built