Freight Cars

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Train Miniature Cars

Before brass imports, Train Miniature once set the standard for HO freight cars. Offered are 15 USRA 40' double sheathed box cars, sides painted white, and a couple still with white with colorful state logos; six hoppers in one set with individual number; four reefers and two stock cars. Most cars need repainting and lettering.   These are sold as is, so take a close look. 











Lionel cars

These cars are not that well detailed but are great for building long drag freight trains. The cars are all basically the same 40' box with trucks and Kadee couplers. Beyond that there are three types here.  Those listed as painted have a less detailed underframe and a later version roof.  Those listed as dimensional data lack a road name and once had road names that have been removed with some residue remaining. In the pictures you can see the different roof and more detailed underframe.  Finally there are eight cars that have been painted with scalecoat orange, green or both.  A couple are lettered and a couple just lettered on one side with Microscale decals.

                 40' box painted but unlettered with trucks and Kadee couplers.                             15 available

                     40' box painted with dimensional data, trucks and Kadee couplers.                                            34 available
                40' Express box painted but unlettered with trucks and Kadee couplers.                        8 available



Roundhouse cars are still available.  There are ten express reefer kits and six boxcars. The boxcars are built and have Kadees.  There are 4 Milwaukee rib side box cars, two standard ARA 1937 design, lettered for the Northern Pacific and one round roof B&O box..