CPR H-1a,b Hudson.

CPR H-1a,b Hudson.

Both Canadian Pacific and Canadian National spanned the continent passed through very similar territory.  Curiously, CPR favored the 4-6-4 type, rostering a total of 65 Hudson locomotives and acquired two experimental 4-8-4 type locomotives but never any more Northerns. The CNR on the other hand acquired 203 Northerns, the largest fleet in North America but only five Hudson types.  Interestingly, the CPR Northerns and CNR Hudsons were both assigned to heavy passenger service in the Montreal - Toronto corridor.

Between 1929 and 1940 CLW Kingston built for the Canadian Pacific 65 new modern Hudsons 2800-2864 in five lots. The first two lots were not streamlined and is what this model represents. All had 75" drivers, 45,300# TE and 275# boiler pressure. The locomotives traveled system wide hauling the CPR's crack passenger trains. Several engines have been preserved.

In 1939 the British monarchs visited Canada. Canadian Pacific provided a special train, with its many stops, from Quebec City to Vancouver and Canadian National handled the return trip. For the occasion locomotive CPR 2850 was painted silver and blue (as were the CNR assigned engines) and the class became known as the Royal Hudsons.  H-1b number 2816 has been refurbished by the CPR and is run as a good will ambassador.

This Van Hobbies model has lots of nice detail and the headlight has been drilled and is ready for a bulb. It has a can motor, idler gearbox and backhead detail. The engine runs very well and is quiet. I purchased this engine new and unpainted, it has been test run only.

Original box and foam.