CPR T-1c #5934

On the Canadian Pacific the 2-10-4 wheel arrangement were called Selkirks. The 36 locomotives were numbered 5900-5935 that were divided into three subclasses the T-1a,b,c. The first lot the T-1a were not streamlined, unlike the later two. All had 63" drivers but varied in boiler pressure and tractive effort.  The Selkirks were assigned to passenger and freight service over the Rocky and Selkirk mountains.

In 1949 Montreal Locomotive Works built the last six Selkirks for the CPR, designated as T-1c numbers 5930-5935. This lot had 285 pounds boiler pressure and 76,900 pounds tractive effort plus an extra 12,500 pounds with the booster cut in. They were retired ten years later with all the other of the class.  The 5934 has been preserved in Calgary.

This model of a T-1c was imported by Frew & Gordon d/b/a as Pacific Pike in the late 60's and came factory painted with a working headlight.  In 2009 the model was upgraded with a large Maxim can motor, a flywheel and a NWSL 36:1 idler gearbox. The model has seen limited running and plating on the drivers is intact. The engine runs well but slowly thanks to the gearing and reflects the prototype which were not known as speedsters.

Original box and foam.