CNR N-5d Consolidation Model  B

(There are two models for sale designated A & B)

CNR N-5d Consolidation    B

In 1931 Canadian National built 20 new consolidations in their own shops. The N-5d was certainly the most modern engine of their type to operate in Canada with thier vestibule cabs, multiple throttles and carrying 250 pounds boiler pressure. Ten, numbers 2749-2758, were built at Trancona shops, Winnipeg while the other ten numbers 2759-2768 came from Point St. Charles in Montreal. The group had 63" drivers, 40,000 pounds tractive effort and were built Vanderbilt tenders. The tenders never ran behind the consolidations but were swapped with the tenders on 20 S-2a mikados as the N-5ds were completed. All were assigned to CNR's western region and for a while handled passenger trains between Jasper, Alta and Prince George B.C. The class proved to be very popular with crews because of thier easy ride and rapid throttle response.

This Van Hobbies model represents the engines after 1947 when they were converted to burn oil and has lots of nice detail.  There are two for sale. This model designated as B, has a new can motor and the  original gear box.  It runs OK, but is a bit noisy. It is unpainted, unused, I purchased these engines new.  They have been test run only.

Original box and foam.