GN C-1 # 837

By 1918, longer trains required a heavier switch engine than the 0-6-0s and 4-4-0s in use.  That year, GN ordered 40 heavier 0-8-0 switchers from Baldwin, designated as C-1, numbers 810-849.  They represented a new wheel arrangement on the road. GN took delivery of the last of the order in 1919, thus avoiding the requirement to purchase the USRA design. The C-1s had the usual 55" drivers, 200# boiler pressure and 58,500# tractive effort.  The were assigned to larger yards system wide and rendered very satisfactory service until the end of steam.

This PFM/Tenshodo model has lots of nice detail and the headlight drilled. Smooth runner, has a new can motor, - has had some running but as the photos show, the plating is intact.  The custom paint job represents the Kalispell Division with a red roof and red cab window sashes with medium weathering.

Original box and foam.