GN O-8 #3390

In 1932, during the depths of the depression, GN began converting obsolete M-2 mallets to O-7 mikes using the old boilers and as many parts as possible. The GN mechanical department was not satisfied with the performance the O-7 mikes. They designed new Mikado that called for a new boiler and vestibule cab, 69" drivers, a boiler pressure of 250 pounds and a tractive effort of 78,360# pounds. The Hillyard (Wash) shop forces applied the new design to three M-2 locomotives awaiting rebuilding. These fast freight engine were designated as the O-8 class numbers 3397-3399. The result was what many consider the finest Mikado ever built. The three engines were assigned to the Spokane-Whitefish section of the main line and were know as 'Spokaners' to GN crews. In 1944, the entire O-7 class received new boilers and were rebuilt as O-8s, retaining their old numbers 3375-3396. The series were built with a mix of open and closed cabs and were assigned to the more wide open lines where their speed and power could be put to good use. The O-8s were among the very last steamers retired.

This Sunset model is of the closed cab version, has lots of nice detail and the headlight drilled and ready for a light bulb. The custom paint job represents the Kalispell Division with a red roof with medium weathering, typical of engines assigned to Walton hill with its snow sheds and short tunnels. She runs very well and is DCC friendly.   I bought this model new and it has had limited running time.  Like its prototype she's a 'Hot Shot' freight loco. 

Original box and foam