O-4# 3212

GN O-4 #3212

In 1920, after the end of USRA control, GN ordered 45 mikados of a new design. Like the earlier O-1s, the O-4s had 63" drivers, 210# boiler pressure and a tractive effort of 71,100#.  The O-4s were the last class of mikado built by a commercial builder on the GN and there performance made them popular with crews. Most were assigned to the Western Divisions but the last steam runs on both the Willmar and Dakota Divisions were powered by O-4 mikes.

This Sunset model has lots of nice detail and the headlight drilled and ready for a light bulb. It does not have the original imported six wheel O-8 style tender, but correct four wheel O-4 class tender. In 2009 a new can Motor, torque arm, and new connection tube were installed. She now runs very well and is DCC friendly. The custom paint job represents the Cascade Division with a black roof and has with light weathering.  I bought this model new and it has had limited running time.  A real freight hog. 

Original box and foam.