S-2 #2586


GN S-2 #2586

In 1930, the year after the S-1s arrived, GN ordered another 14 Northern 4-8-4 type locomotives from Baldwin of a much different design for passenger service over the wide open sections of the system. These engines were the first Northern type to be built with 80" drivers, had 58,300# tractive effort and 225# boiler pressure. They were numbered 2575-2588 and remained at the head of GN crack passenger trains until replaced by diesels. The S-2 class with very few exceptions, were exclusively passenger engines until bumped from mainline passenger work. Except for the addition of vestibule cabs on four units, the group changed little in its appearance over the years and lasted until the end of steam.

This WSM model has lots of nice detail and the headlight drilled but not installed. The model is a smooth runner, has a can motor, and is bit noisy. Great Glacier Park custom paint job. I bought this model new and it has been test run only.

Original box and foam.