GN N-3 #2005

N-3  #2005

In 1912 Great Northern received 25 compound mallets of the 2-8-8-0s design from Baldwin. GN designated locomotives as class N-1 and were assigned moving freight over the Cascade and Rocky Mountains.  In 1922, they were rebuilt as simple articulates and designated as the class N-2.  Finally in 1941, they received new boilers and roller bearings emerging as the N-3 class the most modern articulates on the GN. For an articulated, they were fast locomotives and frequently used in troop train service.  Half the class was assigned to the Missabe Division, which accounted for the heaviest tonnage on the GN.  The remainder worked between Marias Pass and Spokane. The entire class lasted until the end of steam.

Like all Westside imports, this model has lots of nice detail and a working headlight. The model is more accurate and quieter than the Tenshodo model. It has a great custom Glacier Park paint job with no weathering.  It comes with a can motor, torque arm and idler gearboxes land runs very quite and smooth. I purchased this engine new and it has been test run only.

Original box and foam.