H-7 1384

H-7  #1384

In 1909-10 GN received 35 E-14 heavy Ten Wheelers for passenger service.  In service, they did not match the performance of the H-4 Pacifics as been hoped. GN converted 25 to class H-5 Pacifics in its own shops. In 1925 the 10 remaining larger E-14 Ten Wheelers were rebuilt into new H-7 Pacifics, numbers 1375-84. Like the H-5 they had 73" drivers, 210# boiler pressure and 40,500# tractive effort. Unlike the H-5s, the cabs on the H-7s were mounted further back, they were booster equipped and given larger P-2 style tenders. The class performed well in mainline passenger service, usually taking over duties that had been handled by P-2 Mountains.  They lasted till the end of steam.

This WSM model has lots of nice detail, a backhead and the headlight works. She's a smooth runner with a can motor. I bought this model new and it has had limited running.  Great paint if you prefer medium weathering. All that is needed are crew figures, before you place the 1384 at the head end of your Fast Mail.

Original box and foam.