H-5 #1369

In 1909-10 GN received 35 E-14 heavy Ten Wheelers for passenger service.  In service, they did not match the performance of the H-4 Pacifics as been hoped. Between 1921 and 1927, GN converted 25 to class H-5 Pacifics in its own shops. The new H-5 Pacifics, 1350-74 had 73" drivers, 210# boiler pressure and  40,500# tractive effort. They performed well on both the mainline and branch line in both passenger and freight duties.  They saw service in every Division and most lasted till the end of steam.

The model was imported by PFM/United in 1972 and represents an H-5 in the late steam era.  It runs very smooth and quiet after it was rebuilt with a new can motor, torque arm (see picture of cab, above) and new connection tube installed. Both the headlight and rear tender have been drilled out for lighting. PFM sound has been removed but the driver sound pick-up remains along with the PFM speaker in the tender. The paint job is adequate but not the greatest, with its black cab roof and green window sashes, it represents a locomotive assigned to the Cascade Division. The coal load pictured is just black painted foam. I bought this model new and it has had limited running.   The label pictured on underside of the cab roof has been removed.

Original box and foam.